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My passion for real estate is to help you

Own Your Space.



As the oldest of 18 brother and sisters from the same parents, Jewel learned from an early age how to care for others. He also learned how to motivate, (also known as “supervise”) more than a half dozen teenagers to do their chores; and to inspire his siblings to attend college.


I have one daughter from a previous marriage, and Caren has two daughters from a previous marriage. Caren and I enjoy running 5Ks, hiking and traveling.


As your real estate agents, our education and experiences will help us to negotiate better terms for you, we also have a network of housing specialists, such as painters, mortgage lenders, movers, and cleaners to help us as needed.  Our job is to constantly learn and apply our market and business knowledge to help you 

Own. Your. Space.


We'd love to hear from you

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